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NMR LipoProfile® Test with Lipids

  • In 1 of 3 patients sudden death is the first sign of heart disease.1
  • A major study showed that 50% of the people who suffered a heart attack had normal cholesterol levels.4
  • The NMR LipoProfile® test provides information about your heart health.

I know my cholesterol number, isn't that enough?

Each year, heart attacks kill more than 8 times as many women than breast cancer, and 15 times as many men than prostate cancer.2,3

According to a major study, 50% of the people who suffered a heart attack had normal          cholesterol levels.4 Relying on a standard cholesterol test to know your risk for heart disease is not enough.

If your cholesterol is normal, being lowered by treatments like diet, exercise, or medication; or you have any of the conditions listed below, the NMR LipoProfile® test could be right for you:

  • Diabetes
  • Previous heart attack
  • Family history of heart attack
  • High blood pressure
  • Overweight/Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome/Cardiometabolic risk
  • Low HDL (dyslipidemia)
  • High triglycerides

Why isn't my cholesterol number enough?

Cholesterol does not travel freely in the bloodstream. It is carried in containers called low density lipoprotein (LDL) particles.5-7

LDL Particle

LDL particles travel into the artery wall where they deposit their cholesterol, which forms plaque.

Plaque Build Up

Over time, the build up of plaque can block blood flow and cause a heart attack.

The number of LDL particles interacting with the artery wall is more directly linked to heart disease than the amount of cholesterol they carry. 

More LDL particles means more plaque

The more LDL particles you have, the higher your risk for heart disease, which can lead to a heart attack.5-7


Higher Risk

People with low or normal cholesterol may have a high number of LDL particles, even if their cholesterol is being lowered by diet, exercise, or medication.8


Lower Risk

When your LDL particle number is low, your risk may be reduced.8

Peace of mind 

A recent study showed that people with low LDL particle numbers had fewer heart attacks, regardless of their cholesterol levels.9

Having a low cholesterol number doesn’t mean you have a low LDL particle number.8

Before Treatment

The NMR LipoProfile® test provides the number of LDL particles. You and your healthcare provider can take steps to reduce your risk for heart disease by lowering your LDL particle number.

After Treatment

Ask your healthcare provider about the NMR LipoProfile® test today.


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