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Physician Interpretive Guide

Our Interpretive Guide provides information relating to test selection, utilization, and interpretation. The Guide is continually updated by adding new information and modifying posted information. All information is based on peer-reviewed publications, practice guidelines, or other reputable sources and is intended to be without promotional considerations.

Reference ranges are provided for your convenience and are based on Quest Diagnostics data or published references (where cited). These ranges can serve as a guideline; however, interpretation of patient results should be based on the ranges provided in the patient report.

Included in the Interpretive Guide are four types of information:

  • Test highlights and summaries provide a review of clinical use and background, methodology, specimen requirements, and interpretation of the test.
  • Test guides provide testing algorithms or other information that assists in appropriate test selection.
  • Technology guides compare multiple technologies provided for the same or similar analytes.
  • Clinical focus pages focus on specific diseases or conditions, providing detailed information on what tests are available, how they are incorporated into clinical practice, and what the results mean.

Check out our Physician Interpretive Guide, brought to you by Quest Diagnostics, one of our parent companies.