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Sonora Quest Launches Statewide COVID-19 Employer Solutions Portfolio of Testing and Services as Employers Develop Return-to-Work Strategies

September 23, 2020

As COVID-19 presents employers with unique challenges, Sonora Quest Laboratories, the market share leader in diagnostic laboratory testing in Arizona, responds with a robust employer solutions offering. The solution? A portfolio of laboratory testing and services to assist employers with managing their workforce through this pandemic and as return-to-work and school strategies are deployed.

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Companies Rush to Shore Up Covid-19 Testing Ahead of Flu Season

August 31, 2020

WSJ.com — Scientists at Sonora Quest Laboratories LLC are assembling new equipment that might soon deliver a 10-fold increase in molecular coronavirus-testing capacity at one of Arizona’s largest private labs.

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Sonora Quest pulls out all stops to put Arizona in front of COVID-19 testing

August 18, 2020

ChamberBusinessNews.com — Two months ago, Arizona and the rest of the country were mired in a backlog of hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 tests. Test results were taking weeks to process and laboratories and government officials were facing public criticism. In Arizona, Dave Dexter, the president and CEO of Sonora Quest Laboratories, the largest diagnostic lab in the state, attended a meeting with state public health officials who asked for what seemed like the “impossible”: The production of 60,000 COVID-19 tests a day.

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