Aunt Rita's Foundation - Company Logo

Sonora Quest Laboratories proudly supports Aunt Rita’s Foundation and their efforts to be the catalyst of HIV/AIDS awareness, education and support. Aunt Rita’s Foundation raises, and equally distributes, funds to Central Arizona programs that prevent HIV/AIDS, or assist those living with HIV/AIDS, accomplishing this through direct public education and signature fundraising events.

Through their innovative programming, Aunt Rita’s Foundation prides itself as the Connector of the HIV Community with gap-filling programs that include testing and collaborative initiatives. In collaboration with Aunt Rita’s Foundation, Sonora Quest Labs is committed to ending HIV in Arizona and offers free in-person HIV and STI testing at locations throughout the state.

Sonora Quest Laboratories contributes financially to Aunt Rita’s Foundation, sponsors their year-round events, including AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run, RED is the Night, Picnic in the Park - A World AIDS Day event, and runs their public service announcements in our Patient Service Centers. Additionally, Nichole Kerr, Senior Director of Revenue Services, sits on their Board of Directors.

Visit the Aunt Rita's Foundation website