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Our Outreach Program

Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona (SQL/LSA) proudly supports several organizations that share our values and are committed to ongoing research, education, and community assistance. We are committed to investing in the communities we serve, and we utilize corporate giving, in-kind laboratory services, and employee volunteerism to do so collectively. We are proud to invest in our communities by:  

  • Donating 1% of our operating income to key Arizona charities 
  • Providing in-kind, no-charge laboratory services to charities that serve the most vulnerable communities and underserved populations 
  • Volunteering hundreds of hours each year at several local charities  
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Our Outreach Mission

Maximize our social responsibilities to build consumer trust, drive business objectives, make employees proud, and shed light on the diverse communities we serve.

Request for Charitable Contributions

We accept and review sponsorship requests on a calendar year basis. We invite select organizations to our annual Community Partnership Meetings in the fall. To have your organization considered for a charitable contribution, please review the requirements below and submit a request.

Outreach in Action

SQL/LSA wants to inspire others through action. Practicing corporate social responsibility is an essential part of our Mission, Vision, and Values. Our employees serve on charitable boards, sponsor events, donate services, volunteer time, fundraise, and take steps to truly be champions of our community. By attending and supporting dozens of events throughout the year, we make meaningful contributions to our community and forge strong connections with those we serve. 

Employee Volunteerism

Employee volunteerism begins at the top, with all senior leaders actively serving on charitable boards and our team supporting major charitable events.

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David A. Dexter - President & CEO

“A CEO has a moral and ethical responsibility to create social value in the communities in which we live and work.”


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Outreach Team:

Several volunteer opportunities are presented to our 3,800 employees each year including food packaging, community clean-ups, event support, and so much more! Through our efforts, our outreach team volunteers hundreds of hours in the community each year. 

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Board Service:

We exemplify leadership through our actions. Beginning with our CEO, who serves as Board Chair of CEOs Against Cancer Arizona Chapter. Additionally, every member of our Senior Leadership Team actively serves on a charitable organization board and supports charitable events annually. 

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Our employee fundraising program focuses on supporting three select organizations every year. By utilizing various fundraising strategies such as online auctions, raffles, and T-shirt sales, our employees successfully raise up to $80,000 dollars each year to benefit these foundations.