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Mission of Mercy provides free quality medical care and does not receive any government funding. They rely solely on community contributions, their community partner network and individual volunteers to sustain the model of free medical care through their fleet of mobile clinics. Since 1997, Mission of Mercy has been a beacon of hope for thousands of individuals and families who have fallen through the cracks of our healthcare system. They have provided more than 15,200 free patient visits to working poor, uninsured and underinsured patients at six clinic locations throughout Maricopa County. Patients are local families who have nowhere else to turn for basic, life-saving medical services and a long-term medical home.

Kim Fleurquin, our Chief Risk Officer, provides professional support to Mission of Mercy as a local board member of the Mission of Mercy Leadership Council.  Sonora Quest Laboratories provides support to the Mission of Mercy as a community partner alongside of many other committed businesses, healthcare organizations and individual partners. Together we provide the services these patients need to realize productive lives, provide for their families, and contribute to their community.

  • Sonora Quest Laboratories monetarily donates the “Gift of Hope” (which covers the costs of medical care for 1.5 clinic days)

  • We also donate in-kind by providing free laboratory testing to the 6 clinics each year

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