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Appointment Types

Routine Labs - Most lab tests are considered routine (CBC, Chemistry Panel, Lipid Panel, PT/INR, etc). If another appointment type does not specifically describe the reason for your visit, choose Routine Labs.

Pediatric - Choose this appointment type if the patient is <12 years of age and is coming in for routine labs.

My Lab ReQuest - Choose this appointment type if you ordered your own lab tests without a doctor’s order through My Lab ReQuest™.

Glucose Tolerance - Choose this appointment type if you have an order for timed glucose tolerance testing of one or more hours. If you have an order for a Fasting Glucose only, select Routine Labs.

Fingerstick PT/INR - Choose this appointment type if you have an order for Fingerstick PT/INR testing. If a fingerstick collection is not specified for your PT/INR test, select Routine Labs.

Semen Analysis - Choose this appointment type if you have an order for Semen Analysis testing that requires on-site sample collection. If dropping off a sample, please select Drop Off Specimen Only.

Employer Directed Drug Screen - Choose this appointment type if you have an order from your employer or potential employer for a urine drug screen.

Quest Health & Wellness - Choose this appointment type if you have an order from Quest Wellness (formerly known as Blueprint for Wellness)

Insurance Exam (Exam One) - Choose this appointment type if you have an order for an Insurance Exam

Drop Off Specimen Only - Choose this appointment type if you are just dropping off a specimen and you do not need specimen collection. Note that if you choose this option but need sample collection you will not be in the appointment queue.


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About Your Appointment

On the day of your appointment, please remember

On-site collection is required for Semen Analysis Complete and Semen Analysis Post-Vasectomy with Reflex to Count/Motility testing. Home collections are unacceptable.

  • Glucose Tolerance Tests may take up to 5 hours. Allow adequate time for your visit. For safety reasons, you are not allowed to leave the facility during the course of the Glucose Tolerance Test.
  • Bring a test order (requisition or prescription) completed by your doctor. If your doctor did not give you paperwork, then it has already been sent to us.
  • Bring your insurance card. Most plans accepted. View our list of contracted health plans.
  • Plan to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time for completion of paperwork.
  • Fasting may be required for some testing including lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL) and glucose tests.
    • Fasting means don't eat any food or drink anything other than water before your blood collection. Continue taking all medication as prescribed and drink plenty of water.
    • Fasting is generally 8-12 hours, however check with your doctor about requirements.
  • Bring your state-issued photo ID.
  • Plan ahead; children must be supervised while at our centers. Children are not allowed in the collection area during sample collection. No one is allowed in the restroom with the patient during sample collection.

Please be advised that all co-pays, deductibles, past balances and cash payments are due at the time of service at our Patient Service Centers in order for new services to be performed. For your convenience we accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. Please contact our Billing Department at 602.685.5051 or 1.800.766.6721, Option 1, with questions on any past balances that you may have.