Sonora Quest has partnered with Cleveland HeartLab Cardiometabolic Center of Excellence to offer diagnostic services for managing cardiovascular disease.

Cardio IQ® testing may offer a clearer picture of your patients’ cardiovascular health. Cardio IQ® testing provides in-depth analysis and insight that will help you tailor personalized therapy for your patients and uncover hidden risks that the standard lipid panel may not detect.

  • Assess baseline risk by using advanced testing to help characterize a patients’ individual cardiovascular disease risk—while treatment guidelines evolve.
  • Guide personalized therapy by using a patient’s unique profile to help determine and optimize the treatment he or she needs to achieve better heart health.
  • Monitor response to therapy by following a patient’s testing history to optimize his or her treatment plan.
  • Written treatment considerations with condensed portions printed right on the test report.
  • View the Sonora Quest Laboratories Cardiovascular Risks and COVID-19 Webinar here.

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