Interviews can be intimidating, and we want you to put your best foot forward in our interview process. 

Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona utilizes behavioral based interviewing techniques. We ask very specific, pointed questions of how the required job competencies align with your knowledge, skills and abilities.  

Interviews will focus both on your knowledge, skills and abilities to do the job as well as how you align with our organizational values. We are seeking career-minded individuals who want to build a future with our outstanding company. Take time to learn about us first, so that you can see what makes us a Best Place to Work

Many interviews will be done in a panel format, and are scheduled for an hour or more. 

Tips to make your interview experience more effective

  • Arrive a few minutes early to allow yourself plenty of time to find the location for your interview. Please leave yourself a little extra time to find your interview location within the building itself as well.

  • Consider the position you are applying for, and dress appropriately.

  • Be sure you have a good understanding of the job description so that you may better highlight your applicable knowledge and experience.

  • Make sure to speak clearly and give concise answers which will show the situation, actions, and results for each example you give.

  • Many positions at Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona require specific education or certification; therefore, it is a good idea to bring copies of any related documentation to your interview.

  • Take time to research Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona, and come prepared to ask your interviewer questions.

  • Relax, be honest, and show your personality!

After you have interviewed

  • It is customary to follow up with a thank you message to your interviewer. Once you have met with the interviewing supervisor don’t be shy about sending them a follow up thank you note.

  • Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona may interview multiple candidates for each role, and it may take several weeks before a final decision is made. You are welcome to follow up, but be patient as interviewing times are dependent upon candidate and supervisory schedules which may prolong the process


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