A Career in Phlebotomy

As the face of Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona to our local community, our Phlebotomists are valued as professional, caring representatives who have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. At Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona, our Ethical Behaviors, Mission, Vision, and Values are more than just words on paper. They are the guidance we use in everything we do.

Experienced phlebotomists know that there are many facets to their profession. While drawing blood is the primary function of a phlebotomist, there is so much more that goes into the day-to-day work of a professional phlebotomist. We are seeking phlebotomists for a variety of environments. While all of our positions require that our phlebotomists draw blood we also ask our staff to assist with processing samples, collect a variety of specimens, enter test codes and patient demographics into the laboratory computer system, assist with patient concerns and questions, and help with the continual improvement and workflow of our workplaces. The following are brief descriptions of the types of environments for which we most commonly recruit:

Patient Service Centers

Commonly known as PSCs, we have Patient Service Centers located throughout Arizona. These PSCs are often located in medical office suites and are outpatient settings used for sample collection for patients of all ages and for a variety of testing. Area doctors refer their patients to our locations for specimen collection. Our Patient Service Center phlebotomists must to be able to work in a high volume environment and will often draw 30 or more patients in a day. We seek individuals who are team players and can work well within a high productivity, ever-changing environment. As with all our positions, we seek individuals who will provide excellent patient care and remember that the patient is the most important part of our business.

In-Office Phlebotomists (IOPs)

In-office phlebotomists work as a Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona employee within a specific doctor’s office collecting specimens from patients that visit that office. As a result, our IOPs will often be working in different types of settings including family practices, OB’s, Endocrinology offices, HIV clinics, Oncology practices, and Gastroenterology offices to name a few. We seek highly skilled, adaptable phlebotomists who work well on their own but who can also mesh well with the office they are serving. Since our IOPs see many repeat patients, impeccable patient care and previous on the job phlebotomy experience are absolutely necessary for this role.

Hospital Phlebotomists

Hospital phlebotomists face the challenge of working in a high volume environment with critically ill patients. Our hospital phlebotomists will draw patients in an inpatient environment for all the hospital floors and units of the Banner Health hospitals in Arizona. They will draw for a variety of testing and will often have to wake patients up to collect their samples. Since being in the hospital is nerve-wracking for anyone, hospital phlebotomists must also possess an extra dose of compassion when dealing with their patients and understand that there will be patients who are terminally ill or in stages of severe trauma. These positions also require substantial walking as our phlebotomists cover every unit within the hospital. This position can be physically challenging due to the extensive walking, as well as having to bend over patient beds for draws.

Long Term Care Phlebotomists

Our Long Term Care phlebotomists are mobile phlebotomists who use a company car to travel to Long Term Care, Rehabilitation Facilities, and patient homes throughout their metro area to collect samples. Like our hospital phlebotomists, Long Term Care phlebotomists will be drawing inpatients and as a result must work well individually and have excellent phlebotomy skills in order to disturb the patient as little as possible. They will also draw homebound patients and must be comfortable drawing in different homes. Individuals in this role may also have to deal with combative patients and will face extensive walking throughout the facilities that we serve. Our Long Term Care phlebotomists will often start on a morning run schedule, starting at 2:00 AM, and working until late morning to complete their shifts. This position requires an Arizona DPS fingerprint clearance and a clean driving record.

Requirements for our Phlebotomists

All of the phlebotomy positions at Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona require a minimum of either the completion of an accredited phlebotomy course, a phlebotomy or medical assisting certificate, and at least 100 draws on an externship or a minimum of six months of experience working in a clinical lab setting. A clinical lab setting is an environment that involves testing of samples for the purpose of disease detection and diagnosis and does not include blood banks, blood donation sites, or plasma services.

Some of our positions may also require a high school diploma or equivalent or, for our coordinator roles, a national phlebotomy certification from a national certifying agency. We offer a career ladder within phlebotomy for all phlebotomists with a high school diploma or equivalent and will gladly guide motivated individuals who wish to work towards advancement within the company through the process for achieving national phlebotomy certification.

Aspiring Students

Gaining employment out of school can be a highly competitive experience for newly graduated phlebotomists. Here are some tips to differentiate yourself from your peers:

  • Before you decide to go into phlebotomy as a career, research the position and the requirements. A good starting point is phlebotomy.com.

  • Make sure you select a school program that offers extensive in-class training, as well as a good externship. Make sure the school you choose has an accredited program and ask them what companies they work with in regard to externships. If a school does not offer externships it will be very difficult for you to get a position in the phlebotomy field.

  • Draw as many people as possible in your externship. Keep track of your number of draws that you successfully completed and highlight that number in your application.

  • Draw patient of a variety of ages in your externship. This variety will help you to better prepare for the diversity of patients that you will see in our positions.

  • Whenever possible during your externship, try to involve yourself in the processing or preparation of samples for testing.

  • Our positions will involve test code and patient demographic entry into our computerized laboratory system. Be prepared to accurately type at least 25 words per minute. Having a good comfort level with computers and navigating through different programs is essential for success.


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