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Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona (SQL/LSA) creates an environment where team members can be innovative, collaborative, and do meaningful work. Here are some of our many professional/support departments:  

  • Billing  
  • Client Services & Patient Solutions 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Enterprise Risk Management 
  • Sales & Marketing 
  • Human Resources  
  • Information Technology  
  • Data Analytics  
  • Couriers/Messengers 
  • Facilities  
  • Quality & Process Improvement  
  • Lean & Six Sigma Project Managers 

As one of the nation’s largest integrated laboratory networks, performing more than 97 million diagnostic tests a year, you will provide professional support to our high-quality laboratory team to help ensure accurate diagnostic results for patients and providers.  

SQL/LSA puts career development and growth front and center with a proven track record of upward mobility. Our teams collectively work to accomplish a common goal of driving exceptional customer value across the continuum of care. Find a career with SQL/LSA that offers:  

  • Compassionate, meaningful work
  • Leadership development and growth opportunities  
  • Great benefits package options for a healthy work-life balance 

Manager, Phoenix, AZ

I’ve worked at SQL/LSA for 11 years, where I’ve been able to explore different work environments and career opportunities—from a Cytotechnologist to a Strategic Sales Manager. I like knowing that I am helping patients receive quality care.

Sr. Director, Phoenix, AZ

I saw a quote that summed up the work we do in the lab perfectly: we are ‘the few who serve many from the shadows.’ I enjoy working at SQL/LSA because of the people, the values, and the growth opportunities.

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