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As of July 29, 2019 the new Sonora Quest Kids location is now open. Our customers’ needs are essential and we heard the requests to have a specialized location that they could take their children when they needed blood tests.

A blood test can be difficult at all stages of life, but even more so for children - which is why we now offer a Patient Service Center with a dedicated area and special care for pediatric patients. This new location will differs from the other Sonora Quest locations. The Sonora Quest Kids location in Central Phoenix offers a pediatric waiting room, special draw chairs, pediatric-focused decorations, and even TVs in the draw rooms to help distract children when they are getting a blood draw. There is also a room suited for youth aged children.

What can you expect when visiting our Sonora Quest Kids location?

Every phlebotomist at this location is specialized in pediatric draws. We understand that having a blood test done on kids can be a challenge, which is why our phlebotomists at these locations are trained with special techniques and skills to help children understand what is being done and to help make the process a pleasant one. This site also includes well and sick waiting areas.

What types of blood tests/screenings are offered at this location?

This location offers all of the same testings as a standard Sonora Quest location, including newborn screens and lead levels.

Is there an extra cost?

There is no extra cost in any of the testing performed at this location. There is also no additional cost to use this location over any other Sonora Quest locations.

Where is this location?

The new Sonora Quest Kids location is centrally located in Central Phoenix at the historic Grunow Medical Building