Interested in finding out your blood type? Knowing your blood type is a medical necessity for blood transfusions and can also be beneficial should certain situations arise in the future. With My Lab ReQuest, you can confirm your blood type with just a simple test. Best of all, this test can be ordered directly without a doctor’s order.

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Place your order online and walk in or schedule an appointment at any of our 70 Patient Service Centers located across Arizona. Once you’ve completed your test, results are typically available online in just a few days.

Why Order Your Own Blood Type (ABO/Rh) Test with My Lab ReQuest?

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Since the passage of the law in 2015 that allows for consumers in Arizona to order their own lab tests, thousands of patients have used our My Lab ReQuest service to take charge of their health and make more informed healthcare decisions. Our Blood Type (ABO/Rh) test is just one of a complete range of general health screening and monitoring tests that we offer to patients to check their health status. 

Patients choose Sonora Quest Laboratories to meet their lab testing needs for a wide range of reasons, including:

Award-Winning Quality

As the nation's largest integrated laboratory system, Sonora Quest Laboratories delivers award-winning quality services every day to more than 23,000 patients across Arizona. We are the #1 bioscience company in Arizona, according to Ranking Arizona, and we are also the only healthcare company to even win the Arizona Governor's Award for Quality. Most importantly, we are accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the organization whose accreditation ensures the highest standard of care for laboratory patients.

Convenient Locations

Schedule an appointment or walk in to any of our 70 Patient Service Centers located across Arizona! We have over 45 locations in Metro Phoenix, 14 locations in Tucson and Southern Arizona, and various other locations across Northern and Western Arizona. Moreover, several of our locations are conveniently located inside of Safeway markets so that you can plan your screening around your trip to your neighborhood grocery store.

Learn More about Blood Types

How are blood types classified?

There are various types of blood that are classified based on the presence or absence of different antigens on the surface of red blood cells. A person’s blood type is determined by the presence or absence of A and B antigens, and the presence or absence of Rh antigens.

What are the most common blood types?

While there are certain rare blood types, most blood types fall into the blood groups of A, B, AB, or O, and are either positive or negative. The most common blood type is O positive, but different racial and ethnic groups have different frequencies of different blood types within their populations.

The following table summarizes the percentage of people in the United States with each of the eight most common blood types: 

Blood Type

Rh Positive

Rh Negative


A 30% 6% 36%
B 9% 2% 11%
AB 4% 1% 5%
O 39% 9% 48%
Total 82% 18% 100%

*Source: Lab Tests Online

What determines your blood type?

Your blood type is inherited from your parents and is passed on to your children. Visit the American Red Cross website to view the possible blood types for a child based on the blood types of his or her mother and father.

Why get tested to determine your blood type?

Knowing your blood type can be useful or necessary for various reasons. According to Lab Tests Online, some of the reasons you would test to find out your blood type include:

  • You are in need of a blood transfusion

  • You are donating blood, an organ, tissue, or bone marrow for transplantation

  • You are pregnant and wish to determine the risk of Rh incompatibility with your child

Order Your Own Blood Type (ABO/Rh) Test

Order a Blood Type (ABO/Rh)Test for $17 & pay for your test in 4 easy steps. 

  • 1 Select Tests
  • 2 Preferences & Authorization
  • 3 Payment & Schedule

*Available under General Health Screening and Monitoring category on test menu page

My Lab ReQuest Patient Testimonial

“I believe My Lab ReQuest is the first generation of true patient centered healthcare in America. One in which a ‘person’, not a patient, can monitor and manage to some extent, and hopefully a greater extent in the near future, their own physiological process and status.