A complete blood count with differential is one of the most common tests ordered during routine wellness exams or when a doctor wishes to check for or monitor certain health conditions. Thanks to My Lab ReQuest, this test can now be ordered directly without the need to obtain an order from your doctor. Ready to get started? Place your order online and take charge of your health with My Lab ReQuest!

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Why Order Your Own Complete Blood Count with Differential (CBC) with My Lab ReQuest?

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Since the passage of the law in 2015 that allows for consumers in Arizona to order their own lab tests, thousands of patients have used our My Lab ReQuest service to take charge of their health and make more informed healthcare decisions. Our Complete Blood Count with Differential (CBC) is just one of a complete range of general health screening and monitoring tests that we offer to patients to check their health status. 

Patients choose Sonora Quest Laboratories to meet their lab testing needs for a wide range of reasons, including:

Award-Winning Quality

As the nation's largest integrated laboratory system, Sonora Quest Laboratories delivers award-winning quality services every day to more than 23,000 patients across Arizona. We are the #1 bioscience company in Arizona, according to Ranking Arizona, and we are also the only healthcare company to even win the Arizona Governor's Award for Quality. Most importantly, we are accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the organization whose accreditation ensures the highest standard of care for laboratory patients.

Convenient Locations

Schedule an appointment or walk in to any of our 70 Patient Service Centers located across Arizona! We have over 45 locations in Metro Phoenix, 14 locations in Tucson and Southern Arizona, and various other locations across Northern and Western Arizona. Moreover, several of our locations are conveniently located inside of Safeway markets so that you can plan your screening around your trip to your neighborhood grocery store.

Learn More about the Complete Blood Count Screening

What is a complete blood count? 

The human body is primarily made up of water and cells. Some very special and important cells, however, move throughout the body by traveling (circulating) in the blood. These circulating cells provide oxygen to all of the stationary cells in the body, help fight infection throughout the body, and help stop bleeding after an injury. The complete blood count, or CBC, is a lab test that provides information about the cells circulating in your body.

What is a complete blood count used for?

A complete blood count can help to provide information about your health. Some of the uses of this test are as follows:

  • Provide basic information about your health

  • Detect a health condition before you have any symptoms

  • Confirm that a health condition exists

  • Identify the causes of your symptoms

  • Find out if your medicine is working

  • Rule out a disease

  • Establish a baseline that can be used for comparison with future test results

Who should get tested?

If you or your doctor wish to check basic information about your health, check for a health condition, or monitor a health condition or medication that you are taking, then a complete blood count test may be right for you.

What items are included in a CBC test and what are the associated disorders for abnormal levels?


Test Name


Associated Disorders

WBC White blood cells

WBCs fight infection. The 5 different types of WBCs are listed to the left.  Infection, Leukemia
WBC Diff

WBC differential

  • Neutrophilis
  • Lymphocytes
  • Monocytes
  • Eosinophils
  • Basophils
RBC Red blood cells RBCs (with the help of hemoglobin) carry oxygen throughout the body

 ↑Anemia, bleeding, malnutrition, kidney disease

↓Polycythemia, heart and lung disease, dehydration

 Hb or Hgb Hemoglobin Protein that carries oxygen

↓Anemia, bleeding, malnutrition, cirrhosis, cancer

↑Dehydration, polycythemia

 HCT  Hematocrit Amount of space in the blood that is occupied by RBCs

↓Anemia, bleeding, malnutrition, cirrhosis, cancer

↑Dehydration, polycythemia, hemochromatosis

 MCV Mean corpuscle volume Average size of the RBCs Anemia, thalassemia, malnutrition
 MCH Mean corpuscle hemoglobin  Average amount of Hb in each RBC Anemia, thalassemia, malnutrition
 MCHC Mean corpuscle hemoglobin concentration Average amount of Hb in the RBCs compared to the average size fo the RBCs  Anemia, thalassemia, malnutrition
 RDW Red cell distribution width Amount of variation in size of the RBCs Anemia, thalassemia, malnutrition
 Plt Platelet count Platelets are sticky cells that help to form blood cells Bleeding and clotting disorders
MPV Mean platelet volume Average size of the platelets Bleeding and clotting disorders

Depending on the results from your test, your doctor may request additional testing. Follow-up testing will depend on the disease or condition that is suspected. Review your test results with you doctor to best interpret your results and to determine the best course of action. 

What do test results mean?

Test results from a complete blood count are not in and of themselves conclusive. Other factors may be weighed in interpreting your results. In some cases, additional testing may also be necessary. Though unlikely, a healthy person may have values that are higher or lower than ones shown in the reference range.

Reference Ranges

WBC 4.0-11.0 k/mm3
RBC (Female) 3.7-5.4 m/mm3
RBC (Male) 4.3-6.0 m/mm3
Hemoglobin (Female) 11.5-16.0 g/dL
Hemoglobin (Male) 13.0-18.0 g/dL
Hematocrit (Female) 35-48%
MCV 78.0-100.0 fL
MCH 27-34 Pg
MCHC 31-37 g/dL
MPV 7.5-14.0 fL
Reticulocyte 0.7-2.8 %
RDW (cv) 11.0-15.0 %
RDW (sd) 38.0-49.0 fL
Platelet Count 130-450 k/mm3
NRBC RE 0.0-1.0 %

If your test results fall outside normal ranges, please consult your medical provider. For possible points of discussion with your doctor, please review our list of items included in a CBC test report and their associated disorders. 

Order Your Own Complete Blood Count with Differential (CBC)

Order a Complete Blood Count with Differential (CBC) for $17 & pay for your test in 4 easy steps. 

  • 1 Select Tests
  • 2 Preferences & Authorization
  • 3 Payment & Schedule

*Available under General Health Screening and Monitoring category on test menu page

My Lab ReQuest Patient Testimonial

“I believe My Lab ReQuest is the first generation of true patient centered healthcare in America. One in which a ‘person’, not a patient, can monitor and manage to some extent, and hopefully a greater extent in the near future, their own physiological process and status.