American Heart Association Webinar for Clinical Partners

Monday, February 08, 2016   |   Category:

At the end of last year the American Heart Association announced that they were teaming up with the American Medical Association in a nationwide initiative aimed at addressing the growing burden of high blood pressure in the U. S. called Target: BP™. The American Heart Association would like to have as many clinical and public health departments sign up and be part of this initiative to improve the control rates for blood pressure starting with their high blood pressure treatment algorithm which is one of the tools within Target: BP™.  Furthermore they are making a push nationwide to have the medical community at large implement these guidelines in their clinical settings. On a local scale they are proud to announce that they have the support of the Arizona Department of Health Services.

On February 16th, the American Heart Association will be hosting a free online webinar training on the high blood pressure treatment algorithm. Please take a moment to review the supporting documentation below and be a part of this important nationwide movement; one in three American adults has high blood pressure and there is a substantial body of evidence showing that high blood pressure is a contributing factor to many major health conditions and  as a community that is something we can’t ignore.  

Please join us on February 16th by:


Step 1: Registering for the High Blood Pressure training webinar:

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