Sonora Quest Laboratories #1 Bioscience Firm in AZ for 5th Consecutive Year

Tuesday, March 22, 2016   |   Category: Sonora Quest News

For the fifth year in a row, Sonora Quest Laboratories was recognized as the #1 Bioscience Firm in Arizona by Ranking Arizona / AZ Big Media.

They are the best businesses in Arizona. They are innovators, trailblazers and builders of Arizona’s economy. They are the companies that earned No. 1 rankings in the 2016 edition of Ranking Arizona, an annual publication from AZ Big Media

Ranking Arizona is proud to announce that Tempe-based Sonora Quest Laboratories has earned the No. 1 bioscience firm ranking in the 2016 edition of Ranking Arizona.

“The companies that earn No. 1 rankings are those companies whose customers and clients say are the best companies to do business with in Arizona,” said Mike Atkinson, president and CEO of AZ Big Media. “There is no better endorsement in business than one from your customers.” 

Ranking Arizona is the result of the largest business opinion poll taken in Arizona. Ranking Arizona is based purely on opinion. Voters base their opinions on the quality of products, services and people and the companies with whom they would recommend doing business. 

“It’s an honor to be recognized as Arizona’s number one bioscience firm for the fifth consecutive year,” said David A. Dexter, president and CEO of Sonora Quest Laboratories. “As the state’s leading laboratory provider, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to drive improved health outcomes for patients across the entire healthcare continuum. Our pledge to uphold the laboratory industry’s gold-standard accreditation and to deliver outstanding care to more than 23,000 patients per day throughout the state has shaped our continued success as an industry leader.” 

More than 20,000 businesses in more than 200 business and leisure subcategories were involved and about 3 million votes were cast in the voting process for Ranking Arizona. Voting takes place at 

“Ranking Arizona has become an important resource and part of Arizona’s business community,” Atkinson said. “The companies that earn spots in Ranking Arizona truly represent the best of Arizona business.”