Sonora Quest Laboratories and Beacon Biomedical Partner to Launch BeScreened™-CRC, a Blood-Test for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Sonora Quest Laboratories and Beacon Biomedical Partner to Launch BeScreened™-CRC, a Blood-Test for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Monday, December 10, 2018   |   Category: Press Releases

Easy, accurate & affordable test for earlier colorectal cancer detection now available in Arizona

TEMPE, Ariz. (Dec. 10, 2018) – Sonora Quest Laboratories, Arizona’s leading provider of diagnostic testing and information services, and Beacon Biomedical Inc., a Phoenix-based diagnostic laboratory focused on commercializing early detection cancer tests, have jointly announced the availability of Beacon’s new colorectal cancer screening blood test called BeScreened™-CRC. Under an exclusive partnership the test is now available directly to consumers without a doctor’s order through Sonora Quest’s My Lab ReQuest™, their self-ordered lab testing product which is available on-line and at all of Sonora Quest’s 70-plus patient service centers across Arizona. In the near future, Sonora Quest and Beacon Biomedical intend on offering BeScreened-CRC throughout their entire network, including primary healthcare providers.

Despite being one of the most preventable cancers, colorectal cancer remains the second deadliest, with 135,000 newly diagnosed cases and 50,000 deaths each year. Existing screening tests, such as fecal-based tests and colonoscopies, are extremely effective at finding colorectal cancer, but only work when they’re used. More than 50 percent of all new cases, 60 percent of all the deaths, and 75 percent of all associated treatment costs from colorectal cancer are directly attributable to those men and women who simply don’t get screened.

Recognizing that many people are unable or unwilling to use existing screening tests, Beacon Biomedical developed BeScreened-CRC as a convenient alternative to enable early detection, improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. BeScreened-CRC is 94 percent accurate at detecting the likely presence or absence of colorectal cancer, even in its earliest stages. As a blood test, it has the potential to remove many of the barriers to screening due to the test’s simplicity and ease of adoption, and it can be collected at the same time as other blood tests with no special preparation needed.

“A new screening blood test for colon cancer will lead to earlier detection and improved patient outcomes and cure rates,” said David A. Dexter, president and CEO of Sonora Quest Laboratories. “Sonora Quest is continuing to challenge existing paradigms, especially in consumer driven medicine. We are excited about our partnership with Beacon Biomedical and the opportunity to bring new value and options to the consumers who trust Sonora Quest to empower them with these healthcare solutions.”

Offered in all of Sonora Quest’s patient service centers statewide, the blood test will be available for an affordable price of $170, considerably lower than most others on the market including at-home testing options. For added convenience, consumers can easily order and pay for their testing at and schedule an appointment.

“BeScreened provides a solution for those who are unwilling and unable to participate in recommended fecal-based tests and imaging procedures for colorectal cancer screening,” said Donald Weber, CEO of Beacon Biomedical Inc. “However, a test like ours can only be of benefit if it is made accessible to those who need it the most. Sonora Quest is making that happen by providing all Arizonans with access to BeScreened-CRC, and we couldn’t be more delighted about partnering with them in this effort.”

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About Beacon Biomedical Inc.
Beacon Biomedical Inc. is a CLIA accredited proteomic diagnostics laboratory focused on developing and commercializing both laboratory developed tests (LDTs) and point-of-care CLIA waived tests for earlier cancer detection. The company’s lead product, BeScreened™-CRC, is a blood-based test for the early detection of colorectal cancer. Beacon’s product development pipeline includes early detection assays for breast, lung, prostate and ovarian cancers. For more information visit,