Sonora Quest Laboratories Named One of the 2017 Best Places to Work by the Phoenix Business Journal

Friday, December 08, 2017   |   Category: Sonora Quest News

Sonora Quest Laboratories was named one of the 2017 Best Places to Work by the Phoenix Business Journal. Below, an excerpt from the article in the Phoenix Business Journal in which Sonora Quest Laboratories was featured. 

Why was your company named a Best Place to Work?

The Sonora Quest Laboratories team is committed to our missions to "drive customer value across the continuum of care" by building trust, loyalty and connections in the community we serve. Recently, Sonora Quest was recognized for providing more than 2,200 hours of community service and volunteerism. 

What drive you create a unique corporate culture? 

The company's RoadMap guides the culture and employees drive the culture. For nearly 20 years, the RoadMap has been illustrating the company's vision and path, aiding everyone's focus on common goals with a common purpose. Our President and CEO Dave Dexter introduced this unique guide in January 2000 to set the course and provide a destination that employees - no matter work location or position - could get behind and steer the company in the same direction.

How do employees drive your corporate culture? 

Our employees represent the third of five pillars in the Sonora Quest Laboratories RoadMap. That is because Sonora Quest recognizes our employees are at the center of our company's success and the drivers of our mission.

What is the one perk that you believe exemplifies a best place to work?

Potential and current employees will know that they are an integral part of being named a best place to work, but more importantly, Sonora Quest knows this would not be possible if we did not have the best and strongest team supporting the values, the culture, and this mission of our company. 

This interview and the full list of award winners for 2017 is available in the December 8, 2017, print version of the Phoenix Business Journal