• Sonora Quest Laboratories now offers COVID-19 antibody testing with or without a doctor's order. Click here for detailed information. 

  • Learn more about Sonora Quest efforts in the community during COVID-19, click here.

  • Insurance and demographic information to ensure patient coverage for COVID-19 testing varies based upon the party ordering the test and the insurance status of the patient. Please review our COVID-19 (Diagnostic/Antibody) Coverage Matrix for information regarding billing information required and coverage limitations under the different scenarios in which COVID-19 testing may be ordered. Please note, self-ordered testing through My Lab ReQuest for Antibody testing requires pre-payment from the patient prior to services.

  • We continue to offer diagnostic swab testing for active infection [SARS-CoV-2 RNA, Qualitative Real-Time RT-PCR (COVID-19) – Swabs]. Please click on the Patient Information or Provider Information buttons below for details.

Important Information for Patients:

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring everyone’s safety when visiting a Sonora Quest Patient Service Center

  • As we are following CDC guidance, please wear a mask or face covering in our Patient Service Centers (bandanna or handmade mask is acceptable)

  • If you do not have a mask, talk to the front desk staff and kindly maintain six feet of distance

  • Guests with you that are not minors or needed for support in specimen collection should plan to wait outside of the lobby area in support of safe social distancing

  • If you have a specimen to drop off, take it to the front desk immediately


Patients and Media: Please visit the contact us page on our website to submit any questions regarding our response to COVID-19 or to request to be contacted for any other general questions or inquiries. 

Providers: For general questions not answered on our website, please contact your Sonora Quest Account Manager.