An Affordable Way to Manage Your Medical Expenses

At Sonora Quest Laboratories we are committed to your health and well-being, and want to make sure you are able to receive the care you need, when you need it - without financial concerns standing in your way.

That's why we have partnered with CarePayment to make affordable financing options available to our patients who need help paying their medical bills over time.

Who is CarePayment?

CarePayment is a healthcare finance company that is committed to helping people manage their medical expenses, not a collection agency or credit card company. Sonora Quest Laboratories has partnered with CarePayment to provide a financing option that allows you to pay off your balance in manageable monthly payments over an extended period of time—at 0.00% APR.

No Application Required

The CarePayment program does not require an application or credit approval process.

Add New Charges to Your Account

As long as your CarePayment account is in good standing, you may choose to add approved future charges at Sonora Quest Laboratories to your account, subject to program guidelines, with all charges consolidated into one easy-to-read monthly statement. You will receive the same 0.00% APR on new charges and additional time to pay off the new balance.

Manage Your Account Online

It's easy to manage your secure CarePayment account online. You can set your contact preferences, review your balance and transaction history, set up automatic monthly payments, go paperless, or make a one-time payment at any time.

Getting Started with CarePayment

  • Request a CarePayment Account with a Sonora Quest Laboratories account representative. Please note that it can take several weeks before you receive your CarePayment welcome kit with your first statement.
  • Make sure Sonora Quest Laboratories has your current physical street address, date of birth and social security number or taxpayer identification number.
  • Open the welcome kit you receive in the mail from CarePayment, which will include your first account statement.
  • Activate your account by making your first payment to CarePayment by mail, online or over the phone.
  • Visit to set up your online profile and preferences.
  • You may choose to add approved future charges from Sonora Quest Laboratories to your account at 0.00% APR as long as your account is in good standing. 

Participation in the CarePayment Program is voluntary. Please speak to Sonora Quests Laboratories' customer service at 800.853.4288 or contact us by email to find out more about this affordable financing option.

Find out more about CarePayment at

Accounts issued by Webbank, a Utah industrial bank.

Pay Your Way: By Mail, Phone Or Online

PO Box 2398
Omaha, NE 68103



CarePayment features:

  • 0.00% APR that will remain the same as long as your CarePayment account remains open 
  • Manageable monthly payments as low as $25 based on your balance 
  • New approved charges can be added for patients who are current with payments, at the same 0.00% APR for the life of the account 
  • Charges can be consolidated into a single monthly payment 
  • Families may be able to consolidate charges under a single account with one monthly payment 
  • No application needed and available regardless of insurance coverage, credit history or employment 
  • No pre-payment penalties 
  • Several ways to pay: by mail, phone or online 
  • Friendly and helpful customer service