Early melanoma evaluation begins with the DermTech Melanoma Test

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Sonora Quest Laboratories is proud to collaborate with DermTech to expand access to enhanced melanoma detection testing in Arizona.

If you have a suspicious mole, ask your trusted physician about the DermTech Melanoma Test.

DermTech Smart Sticker
  • Primary care physicians are often the first line of defense when patients report suspicious moles

  • The DermTech Melanoma Test is an innovative, non-invasive testing option for patients with suspicious moles

DermTech Doctor Patient
  • Utilizes the DermTech Smart StickersTM  to gently lift skin cells to test for genomic markers associated with melanoma

  • A negative result means there is a greater than 99% probability that a mole is not melanoma1-3

  • Provides reliable results to your doctor, typically within 5 business days

Ask your trusted physician about the DermTech Melanoma Test.


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