How long does it take to receive my test results?

How will my results arrive?

  • Results can be emailed, faxed, mailed, or accessed through our Patient Results Portal on your desktop or mobile device.

Is there a charge for receiving my lab results directly?

  • No. No matter how you receive your results, we do not charge.

What should I do if I don’t understand my test results?

  • You should always refer to your healthcare provider with questions about your laboratory results.

  • Additional helpful information is available from various on-line sites, such as 

What if I do not find the results I am looking for in the Patient Results Portal?

  • If you do not see the lab results you are searching for from dates of service beginning July 6, 2015, please contact our Health Information Management Services department via our Contact Us page (select: patient > accessing my test results > unable to access my results) or by phone at 602.685.5959.

Do I contact Sonora Quest Laboratories if I want copies of earlier tests?

Can I get results for anyone other than myself through the Patient Results Portal?

  • No. You can only access your own lab results and cannot access results for other family members, including minors. However, you may request results via email, mail, or fax by utilizing an Authorization to Use or Disclose Protected Health Information (PHI) form (also available in Spanish)

  • A unique and unshared user account is required to access your results.

Do you still support the MyQuest™ by Care360 mobile health app?

  • Exisiting MyQuest™ by Care360 mobile health app users can continue to receive lab results for tests ordered by a doctor. My Lab ReQuest™ patient ordered lab tests will not be available through this app.

  • Please call 1.877.291.7521 for technical support of the MyQuest™ by Care360 mobile health app.

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