A variety of personalized options are available with your SonoraQuest.com account. Please take a moment to review the options below and update your profile.

Personalize Your Communications

To help us provide you with personalized information and services that best meet your needs, answer one brief question by logging in to your SonoraQuest.com account, clicking on Edit Profile, and selecting the Personalize tab.


Select Notification Preferences

Also under Edit Profile, select the Notifications tab to opt-in for text notifications when you have new lab results, or to sign up for paperless billing. You can also opt-in to receive occasional emails from Sonora Quest regarding new testing and Patient Service Center updates.


Update Your Password and Ensure Your Profile is Complete

Choose the Profile tab under Edit Profile to update your password using our new enhanced security password settings which now allow for the use of one or more special characters. You can also select up to three favorite Patient Service Center locations for ease in appointment scheduling, as well as ensure your contact information is up to date.