More Than 6 Million U.S. Adults Have Memory Loss

Now There's Hope

We know that maintaining your memory and independence are important to you, that’s why Sonora Quest and uMETHOD Health can work with your doctor to provide a personalized approach for your memory.

RestoreU METHOD, available exclusively through Sonora Quest, includes labs and individualized assessments that minimize risk of developing memory loss, early dementia, or Alzheimer’s, and to help slow early stage progress.

The uMETHOD program is based in artificial intelligence. Blood tests are done through Sonora Quest Laboratories to check for all reversable causes possible for memory impairment, because we can change all the non-genetic reversable causes like, diabetes, hypertension, lifestyle, stress reduction, and diet. RestoreU’s artificial intelligence interprets data from those tests as well as accounts for the medical history and patient lifestyle factors collected by a patient’s doctor. Then, the advanced technology matches the data against a vast body of scientific research on Alzheimer's disease, resulting in individualized treatment recommendations.

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Memory Loss Symptoms

Additional signs and symptoms of memory loss to watch out for:

  • Difficulty following story lines
  • A failing sense of direction
  • difficulty finding words
  • being repetitive
  • struggling to adapt to change
  • withdrawal from social activities
  • changes in mood or personality

Maintain Your Memory & Independence

RestoreU is now offered by your doctor.

uMETHOD’s advanced technology analyzes your active risk factors and creates a personalized RestoreU care program that includes treatment recommendations in these areas: medications, supplements, lifestyle, and diet.

Getting started is easy. Talk to your doctor today about your memory concerns.

76% of Patients

A Three-Stage Process



Your healthcare provider checks cognitive function, collects health history, and orders blood tests.



uMETHOD analyzes 50+
factors, pinpoints areas of
concern, and generates a
care program.

Test Results


Your doctor reviews the
detailed care program,
meets with you to review,
and initiates follow-up care
as needed.

Media Coverage

Informational Videos & Webinars

* Keine, D; Walker, J; Kennedy, B; Sabbagh, M. “Development, application, and results from a precision-medicine platform that personalizes multi-modal treatment plans for mild Alzheimer’s disease and at-risk individuals.” Current Aging Science. 2018

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