The laboratory invoice is a document sent by Sonora Quest Laboratories. Generally, it indicates your responsibility for services rendered, total charge, what was paid by your insurance, and what was denied. The invoice may also include “Most recent insurance” usually in regards to the specified visit. The following table lists some common language and information found on your laboratory invoice.



Account Number

A number assigned to each bill by the provider of services; Sonora Quest Laboratories uses the term "Accession."

Amount Due

This is generally patient responsibility after any applicable insurance payment/discounts have been applied.


Total Charge submitted to insurance.

CPT Code

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code set is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association through the CPT Editorial Panel which describes the laboratory services that were performed.

Date of Service

The date on which the laboratory testing was performed.

ICD Codes

Diagnosis codes provided by referring physician for this service.

Insurance Disallowed/Discount

The amount the insurance company disallowed or discounted from billed charges. Amount not owed by patient or insurance plan.

Insurance Paid

The portion of the total bill that has been paid by the insurance company.

Laboratory Invoice

Services rendered by Sonora Quest Laboratories for laboratory services not included in your physician’s bill. 

Medicare/AHCCCS Paid

The portion of the total bill that has been paid by the Medicare or AHCCCS plan. 

Patient Owes

Patient responsibility or amount due upon receipt of invoice.

Patient Paid

Amount paid previously by the patient. Deducted from original balance to determine amount still owed by the patient.

Procedure Description

Testing requested by referring physician.

Referring Physician

The name of the physician who ordered testing. 

Responsible Party

Patient or guardian of minor child; usually the policy holder. 


The number of items included in this service. 

 Tax ID

Sonora Quest Laboratories Tax Identification number.

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