What To Expect During Your Visit

Either you or your physician has requested a laboratory test. Below is what you can expect from Sonora Quest Laboratories and what we will need from you.

Front Desk

The front desk will ask you for the following:

  • Your current address and phone number

  • Your current insurance card

  • An email address so that we may send you a survey following your visit

When You are Called Back to the Draw Room

  • You will be asked to identify yourself by providing your date of birth.

  • Your phlebotomist will ask questions that are relevant to testing. Examples of these questions include:

    • Do you have an arm preference or a location that we need to avoid?

    • Have you had any difficulties getting your blood drawn in the past?

  • Your phlebotomist will sanitize their hands and utilize a new pair of gloves.

  • Your phlebotomist will tie a tourniquet on your arm/wrist and locate the best possible vein for the procedure.

  • Your phlebotomist will cleanse the site with the appropriate cleanser.

  • When your phlebotomist pulls the skin taut at the draw site, expect a slight pinch or poke as the needle is inserted into the vein.

  • You will be asked to remain still during the procedure.

  • Once the phlebotomist has filled all the necessary tubes, the needle will be withdrawn and disposed of properly.

After the Draw

  • Please do not apply pressure until asked by the phlebotomist for your assistance.

  • Your phlebotomist will make sure bleeding has stopped and bandage the draw site.

  • Keep the bandage on for 20 minutes.

  • Your phlebotomist will show you each specimen individually. Please verify that your name and date of birth are correct.

  • You will be asked to sign a form that states all specimens were labeled in your presence and that your name and date of birth are correct.

  • You will be given instructions on how to care for your draw site after you leave the facility.

Additional Collections

If your testing includes a urine test:

  • Your phlebotomist will escort you to the restroom and provide verbal and written instructions for collection

Some of our tests require you to collect them at home. These tests can include urine, stool, and sputum.

  • Your phlebotomist will give you verbal and written instructions for the specific test.

You will receive all the testing equipment and supplies necessary to complete the test.


My Lab ReQuestTM

Order Tests without a doctor's order.

Pay at Time of Service

Pay a discounted rate for many laboratory services when paying at the time of service.