With more than 15 million new cases in the United States each year, STIs are more common than most people think.


Chlamydia & Gonorrhea

Clamidia y Gonorrea - Español

HIV Screening

Infecciones de transmisión sexual (STI)- Español

Prueba de VIH - Español

Sexually Transmitted Infections - STIs

Sonora Quest Laboratories offers a complete range of STI tests and screenings through our My Lab ReQuest™ service. With My Lab ReQuest, no doctor's order or insurance is required to order your own STI testing. For more information on available screenings, check the table below.

My Lab ReQuest — Available STD Screenings

STD Screen

STD Screen for Chlamydia/Gonorrheae

STD Screen for Herpes

STD Screen for HIV

STD Screen for Syphilis

STD Screen with Trichomonas Vaginalis

Trichomonas Vaginalis Screen

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