Sonora Quest Laboratories is committed to providing excellent care through diagnostic insights. As part of that commitment we've made some useful tools and services available to assist in genetic counseling and insurance reimbursement for the BRCAvantage™ test.

Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counseling is an important part of BRCA testing. For physicians, we offer consultations to answer questions related to genetic testing and test selection. Many patients already have access to genetic counseling services through their primary care healthcare provider. For those who don't, Sonora Quest Laboratories will link individuals considering genetic testing to a genetic counselor. Counselors will advise on benefits, limitations, risks and options associated with testing, and they will help explain what the results mean for the patient and the patient's family. For a genetic consultation, please call 1-866-GENE-INFO (436-3463).
Alternatively, if you'd like to search your area for a genetic counselor, we recommend checking the National Society of Genetic Counselors' website.

Access to Pre-Authorization Concierge Service

Sonora Quest Laboratories requires completion of insurance pre-authorization prior to BRCA testing.  Because many insurance plans have established specific criteria in order to cover and reimburse the cost of BRCA testing, we offer a pre-authorization concierge service to assist patients through the pre-authorization process. We will work with health plans on your behalf to determine if the test will be covered, and when necessary, provide an estimated out-of-pocket cost to help the patient make an informed decision on ordering or moving forward with testing. For more information on preauthorization services, please call 1-866-GENE-INFO (436-3463).

Comprehensive Analysis and Interpretation
The BRCAvantage™ test is performed on a next generation sequencing platform in conjunction with Quest Diagnostics' proprietary software for data analysis to help ensure accuracy and confidence in the result. The test also employs the use of multiplex ligation probe amplification (MLPA) to detect large rearrangements. If a variant is identified, it is cross referenced with multiple mutational databases, ensuring a careful and complete clinical interpretation.

BRCAvantage™ Testing Options

BRCA Test Menu

AHCCCS Coverage

Please note that BRCAvantage testing is not eligible for coverage by the AHCCCS program. If submitting a BRCAvantage test request for an AHCCCS patient, a Notice of AHCCCS Non-Coverage form must accompany the BRCA test requisition.




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