With Care360 EHR (Electronic Health Record) we deliver the capabilities necessary to effectively document a full clinical encounter today, while preparing your practice to maximize the business incentives of tomorrow. With a wide range of capabilities that include electronic lab order management, clinical messaging, ePrescribing, clinical documentation tools, document management and multi-system interoperability, Care360 EHR provides just what your practice needs to make the right clinical decisions at the point of care.

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70,000 Physician Locations Nationwide Use Care360 Every Day
The Care360 platform is currently used by 150,000 physicians in more than 70,000 physician locations nationwide to support electronic laboratory ordering and results as well as ePrescribing. We continue to invest in solution development to enable Care360 EHR to do more for a medical practice, while maintaining the overall simplicity that differentiates our Web-based solution.

Easy, Incremental Improvements to Achieving an EHR
Because Care360 EHR is built on the same platform as Care360 Labs & Meds, transitioning to the EHR solution is a simple process. The solution enables you to start today with ePrescribing and evolve over time to full clinical documentation when you become more comfortable using the solution, sparing your practice from costly, time-consuming product rollouts.

With Care360 EHR, Ambulatory Practices Can:

  • Order and receive laboratory diagnostic tests electronically
  • Write prescriptions and manage medications electronically
  • Send and receive clinical messages (including to referring Physicians)
  • Send clinical information to a patient's personal health record (PHR)
  • Document a full patient encounter (SOAP Notes, vitals, progress notes)
  • Scan/Import and manage paper documents, electronically
  • Access information via iPhone® (labs and meds)
  • Receive radiology results electronically
  • Generate enhanced reports and informatics
  • Share a patient's health information across the community


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