Clinical Expertise

Our Prescription Drug Monitoring testing is performed through our parent company, Quest Diagnostics - the industry leader in drug testing, conducting approximately nine million drug tests annually. Together, we have the resources you and your patients need. Our periodic urine drug testing, along with other patient monitoring tools, can help you identify potential misuse.

We use standard clinical chemistry for screening of drug classes and, if ordered, we automatically confirm positive results using Mass Spectrometry analysis. We deliver easy–to-read lab reports electronically and securely. Our expert toxicology specialists and toxicologists can answer your questions and address your concerns. Just call our Prescription Drug Monitoring Consultation Hotline at 877-40-RX-Tox (1-877-407-9869).

Comprehensive Menu

We offer a menu specifically designed for prescription drug monitoring with a complete drug testing menu. New to our menu are synthetic cannabinoids and stimulants. 

Accessible Testing

We recognize that behind every specimen and result there is a human life— a life whose quality may be improved when pain medications are used as prescribed. However, these medications can be dangerous when misused. Instituting a drug monitoring program can help protect your patients. With 70+ Patient Service Centers located throughout Arizona, we've made testing easy and convenient for you and your patients.

Office Efficiency

We’re constantly seeking to deliver the tools and services you need to manage your practice, and monitoring prescription drug use is no exception. Our Care360® suite of technology products is designed to work together to streamline office procedures. Our integrated ePrescribing component can help identify potential interactions or contraindications for each patient, as well as track medications prescribed by other physicians.


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