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Sonora Quest Laboratories Employer Solutions, COVID-19 Portfolio of Testing and Services

Sonora Quest Laboratories offers a statewide employer population health program to help employers streamline SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) testing and care for their employees. Offering molecular and/or antibody testing provides employees the knowledge they need about their COVID-19 status and may help employees feel more confident as they return to work.

Molecular testing

  • Real time RT-PCR is the gold standard for the detection of COVID-19.
  • This testing looks for viral RNA in a nasal swab specimen
  • A positive result indicates an active infection

Antibody testing

  • COVID-19 IgG testing
  • Specimen collected via a venipuncture blood draw
  • A positive result may suggest immunity after resolution of primary infection, but the relationship between IgG positivity and immunity to COVID-19 is unknown.

Employer services supporting return to work strategies

  • Customer liaison to handle your team’s specific needs
  • Streamlined lab ordering
  • On-site test collection services and events
  • Actionable Insights Management (AIM) analytics reporting to help track your team’s results
  • 75 Patient Service Centers (PSCs) and 400 In-office phlebotomists (IOPs) statewide for Antibody Testing

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Sonora Quest can help you implement the best COVID-19 testing solutions for your workforce. Please contact our Sales Support at SQLMarketing@SonoraQuest.com or call 1.800.766.6721, ext. 5285.

COVID-19 Pooled Testing for Employers

Simple, pooled COVID-19 testing for your workplace

Routine testing can help you make informed decisions about COVID-19 prevalence and instill confidence in your workforce. Originally designed to test classrooms at school, the approach is an efficient way to test in your workplace too!

What is pooled testing?

It’s a method that combines samples from everyone in a cohort, a.k.a. “pool,” into one specimen.

That’s then tested, allowing for increased testing capacity at lower costs.

What is workplace pooling?

All individuals in a pool self-swab and place their samples in a single tube. That tube is then run using one test, and the pool is provided with one result.

COVID-19 Pooled Testing

Only positive pools result in further action. For a positive pool result, next steps will look a little different for each workplace based on unique circumstances.

Our workplace pooled testing program simplifies logistics and gives companies the data to help keep the office open

  • Simple: Our self-swab test is so easy that kindergarteners can do it. Test an entire “pod” of up to 25 in less than 15 minutes, with a simple online portal to get results.
  • Accessible: Pooling increases the reach of testing by 25x compared to typical testing.
  • Peace of mind: Testing allows employees to work from the office with confidence and to feel that they are playing a role in protecting their community and their families.

What might a pooled testing program look like in your workplace?

  1. Set up testing station in a central location (e.g., conference room)
  2. Individuals pass through testing station and swab themselves
  3. Swabs are deposited in collection tube
  4. Test supervisor registers tubes, places in return package, Sonora Quest courier picks up the specimens and transports for processing

For more information on COVID-19 pooled testing and to learn how it's been used with great success by Ginkgo Bioworks at over 1,200 schools across the country, please visit concentricbyginkgo.com.

Sonora Quest can help you implement the best COVID-19 testing solutions for your workforce. Please contact our Sales Support at SQLMarketing@SonoraQuest.com or call 1.800.766.6721, ext. 5285.

Employer Solutions Dashboard provides insights for management of your population

Access a summary of total patients tested, positivity rates, trends over time, demographics, as well as detailed results for employees that have completed either PCR or Antibody testing.

Employees will have access to COVID-19 results, through our secure portal at SonoraQuest.com.

AIM COVID-19 Dashboard

*The Employer Solutions Dashboard does not include results from COVID-19 pooled testing.

On-Site Test Collection Services for both COVID-19 PCR and COVID-19 Antibody

Sonora Quest offers on-site test collection services for patients without symptoms or exposure. This service includes Sonora Quest phlebotomy services and testing supplies.

Walmart Drive up COVID-19 PCR collection

Sonora Quest has partnered with select Phoenix-area Walmart Neighborhood Market locations to offer observed self-collections for COVID-19 diagnostic testing. An electronic order from your physician is required to schedule a drive-thru appointment at SonoraQuest.com.

Access to COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Detection of lgG antibodies may indicate prior exposure to COVID-19. For most accurate results, COVID-19 antibody testing is recommended at least 10 days after potential exposure to coronavirus or the onset of symptoms, to allow for the development of lgG antibodies. The IgG antibody test provides insight into an individual's immune response after exposure to the COVI0-19 virus, but is not intended for diagnosis of active infection.

All Sonora Quest COVID-19 testing has been authorized by the FDA under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

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